Skier Dies After Collision With Tree At BreckenridgeA skier died after colliding with a tree at Breckenridge Ski Area on Thursday.
Mountain Food Pantries Suffer With Ski Season DelaysAs the sun beats down on nearly dry ski runs, seasonal resort workers are turning to local mountain town food banks for assistance.
Avalanche Danger Grows As Snow Continues To FallHeavy snow piling up on a weak layer of snow in the high country is increasing the risk of avalanches.
Avalanche Warning, Advisories In Colorado's MountainsAvalanche warnings and advisories are posted for much of Colorado's high country because of storm bringing heavy snow to parts of the mountains.
2 Snowboarders Survive Avalanche Near BreckenridgeTwo backcountry snowboarders survived being caught in an avalanche outside of Breckenridge on Sunday.
Snowboarder Found Guilty In Crash That Injured Child At BreckenridgeA man accused of injuring a child while snowboarding at Breckenridge Ski Area last April has been found guilty.
Snowboarder On Trial For Slamming Into Child On The SlopesIt's a trial that's rare-- where an accident on the slopes puts a snowboarder in the defendant's seat for allegedly injuring a child while on the slopes.
Breckenridge Salvages Vintage Building With Help Of Lakota IndiansOne of the original buildings from Breckenridge Ski Area was already repurposed once, now it's going to be torn down and rebuilt yet again. But this time it will have even more meaning.
Breckenridge Extending Its Ski SeasonThanks to fantastic conditions, Breckenridge ski area is extending its season for an extra week.
Breckenridge Tries To Stop Illegal Ski LessonsThe Breckenridge Ski Area has a problem on its hands heading into ski season as people are giving ski lessons illegally. Now the town may step in to help.
Breckenridge Nixes Idea Of Taxing Lift TicketsLift tickets already cost around $100 at the Breckenridge Ski Area, but they will not be going up even more as the town of Breckenridge has decided it won't move forward with a tax on lift tickets.
Lack Of Snow Hasn't Deterred Skiers & SnowboardersAfter record snowfall last year, it is a much drier story in the mountains this year, but it hasn't driven away the visitors -- there are actually more visitors this year so far than last.