New Hit & Run Law Will Increase PenaltiesColorado is now much tougher on hit-and-run drivers.
Albo Family Set To Testify In Favor Of Tougher Hit & Run LawsThe Albo family is hoping lawmakers make changes to Colorado's penalty for driving away from the scene of an accident.
Partying Photos Add Insult To Injury For Hit & Run VictimThe victim of a hit-and-run driver feels betrayed by the driver's early release from jail and by posts the driver has been making on Facebook and Twitter.
Driver In Hit & Run Near Coors Field Learns His FateIt was an emotional day in court as the driver in a hit-and-run near Coors Field learned his fate on Monday.
Timothy Albo Makes Dramatic Strides In RecoveryA man nearly killed in a hit-and-run last October is making inspiring progress.
Family Upset About Hit & Run Plea DealA 21-year-old man has pleaded guilty to running into two pedestrians in lower downtown Denver and taking off.
Victim's Family Proposes Changes To State Law After Hit & RunA possible plea deal for a man accused in a hit & run that seriously injured two people has the victim's family calling for changes to state law.