Can Wood Chips Help Drivers On Icy Roads?Wood chips on icy roads are already being used in Canada and parts of Europe.
Flames Spark 911 Calls While Fire Crews Work On Controlled BurnAt the emergency dispatch center, 911 calls flooded in from people who spotted massive flames and smoke plume near Frisco on Wednesday. Actually, those flames are a welcome sight to many.
Report Says Beetles Don't Make Forests More Likely To BurnMountain pine beetles have left vast tracts of dead, dry trees in the West, raising fears that they're more vulnerable to wildfire outbreaks, but a new study found no evidence that bug-infested forests are more likely to burn than healthy ones.
Market Improving For Beetle-Killed TreesRising timber prices are improving the market for trees killed by spruce beetles in the Rio Grande National Forest.
New Forests, New Fire Hazards After Beetle KillIn the Roosevelt National Forest northwest of Fort Collins, subalpine fir trees and aspens have started to grow in the shadows of dead lodgepole pine trees. It is becoming a new forest, with new hazards.
Plant In Gypsum To Make Energy Out Of Beetle-Killed PinesA one-of-a kind project in the high country will turn trees killed by the pine beetle into energy.
Cool Planet Chooses Colorado For HeadquartersA company that has developed a process for converting beetle-killed trees and corn cobs into gasoline says it plans to open its global headquarters in Greenwood Village, south of Denver.
Mill Owners Want Better Logging Contracts From Forest ServiceMany in the timber industry are saying enough isn't being done to clean up beetle kill trees. Some Coloradans are turning the dead tree problem into profit, but they say they need more help.
Papoose Fire Could Flare Up In Beetle Kill AreaOne of the trio of wildfires burning in southwestern Colorado is expected to be active in the coming days.
Tree Falls, Kills Camper In Grand CountyA freak accident involving a beetle kill tree has killed a man camping in Grand County.
Colorado GOP's Beetle-Kill Timber Bill QuestionedColorado Republicans want to eliminate local restrictions they say stifle the sale of beetle-killed timber. But groups representing local governments say there are no such restrictions.