Deputies Help Bear Locked In CarA bear found itself in need of police assistance after breaking into a car and getting trapped inside.
Mother Bear Dies After Being TranquilizedA mother bear died after she was tranquilized by Parks and Wildlife officials.
Bear Removed From Tree Near High SchoolA bear who decided to take up residence in a tree in Littleton was removed by wildlife officials on Thursday afternoon.
Bear Spends Nearly 6 Hours Inside Home While Owner SleptA bear broke into a home in Colorado Springs and wandered around inside for nearly six hours, undetected, while the man who lives there slept through it all.
A Bear Walks Into A House And Opens The Fridge...A bear broke into a home in Colorado Springs and wandered around inside for five hours, undetected.
11-Year-Old Saves Family From Charging BearElliot Clark is credited with saving his family from a charging brown bear.
Bear Tries To Break Into HomeA woman was sent into a panic after seeing and hearing a bear slam his paws against her glass door.
Teen's Car Trashed After Bear Gets Stuck InsideCampers are being warned to keep food secure after a curious bear opened the back hatch of an SUV and spent the night inside, trying to get out.
Bear Spotted In Denver NeighborhoodA bear was spotted in a Denver neighborhood on Thursday afternoon just before it climbed high into a tree to wait out the crowds.
Bear Spotted Near School In LakewoodA bear was spotted wandering around a green space near an elementary school in Lakewood on Thursday.
Lawmaker Wants To Expand Bear Hunting Into The SummerHunters kill a thousand bears in Colorado a year on average, but one state lawmaker says if the hunting season was expanded it would decrease the number of bear encounters with humans.
Man Won't Be Charged For Shooting BearA Colorado Springs man will not be charged for shooting a bear in his back yard. Officers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife say the man was acting in self defense.