Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Calls For Repeal Of Second AmendmentJohn Paul Stevens suggested a repeal would weaken the National Rifle Association's ability to "block constructive gun control legislation."
Trump Pushes Arming Teachers To Prevent Gun ViolenceIn a series of tweets Thursday, President Trump reiterated his suggestion that some teachers be armed, calling it a "great deterrent."
Hospital Outsourced Background Check Of Convicted Surgical TechSwedish Medical Center outsourced the background check on its former surgical tech who is serving time in federal prison for taking fentanyl from patients, CBS4 has learned.
CDE Missing Background Checks For Hundreds Of TeachersThe Colorado Department of Education has contacted roughly 1,900 veteran teachers and asked them to resubmit their fingerprints. A 2015 federal audit found thousands of teacher files were missing the mandated fingerprints and background checks.
Those Who Don't Qualify To Buy A Gun Better Not Try In Boulder CountyBoulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett says he's cracking down on people who try to buy guns that know they legally are not allowed to own one.
Colorado Lawmaker Who Champions Gun Control To Meet With President Obama President Obama has asked to meet with a Colorado state lawmaker in advance of his announcement on gun control.
Colorado Gun Shop Owners Think Terror Attacks Are Driving More SalesThe FBI says it recorded the highest number of firearm background checks this year. The agency processed more than 185,000 checks on Black Friday alone, and gun store owners say terror attacks are what's driving those numbers up.
Polis Joins With GOP To Tighten Rules For Syrian RefugeesColorado congressman Jared Polis is one of 47 Democrats who joined with House Republicans to support making it harder for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to enter the United States.
Bill To Require Background Checks On Youth Sports Proposed Once Again At State CapitolState lawmakers are once again debating a bill to require background checks for volunteers with youth sports organizations. It's the second time around for the bill that was introduced and killed earlier this year.
Bill To Repeal Background Checks For Private Gun Sales FailsDemocrats rejected a Republican attempt to repeal new background-check requirements for private guns sales in Colorado.
Republicans Push For Major Changes To Colorado Gun LawsRepublicans get their last chance of the year Monday to change Colorado's firearm laws. Lawmakers will consider several proposals, including two bills to eliminate gun-control measures passed by Democrats in 2013.
Colorado Senate Approves Repeal Of New Gun Background ChecksSenate Republicans voted to undo new Colorado background checks for firearm sales conducted online and between private sellers, but their repeal is expected to hit a wall in the House.