Toxicologist Skeptical Of Early Animas River Reports, Metals Are 'Long Term Poisons'People who live along the Animas River could be ingesting the contaminated water in any number of ways, from drinking it to showering in it, and the fear is how much exposure those people have had.
Rafting Industry, Tourism Business React To Animas River ContaminationFor rafting and fishing businesses, this year was set to be one of the best but that all changed last week after the massive spill of wastewater on the Animas River.
Gov. Hickenlooper Goes To See Mine Spill ImpactColorado's governor is visiting a stretch of river contaminated by yellow wastewater that spilled from an abandoned mine.
Denver Lab Finds High Levels Of Arsenic In WineA laboratory in Denver found that some of the top selling, low-priced wines in the United States have high levels of arsenic.
Lawsuit Claims Company Dumping Dangerous Pollutants In Platte RiverThere are allegations that a company is filling a popular swimming and kayaking area in Denver with dangerous pollutants.
Snap, Crackle, Arsenic?A new report says you may be getting a surprise as you are eating rice: arsenic. And as you probably know, arsenic is not good for you. Right now, there's a lot of disagreement about this report. Dr. Dave Hnida has some tips.
FDA Urged To Set Standards For Arsenic In RiceThe Food and Drug Administration may consider new standards for the levels of arsenic in rice as consumer groups are calling for federal guidance on how much of the carcinogen can be present in food.
Report: South Platte Most Polluted In Colorado An environmental group says the South Platte River is the most polluted waterway in Colorado.