Homeowner's Group Tells Veteran He Can't Fly U.S., Marine FlagsThe veteran and his wife are claiming that the local HOA in Rosenberg told the couple their U.S. and Marine Corps flags have to come down due to HOA rules.
Drop Off Old, Torn Flags For Proper RetirementPeople living in the Denver metro area have a convenient option to retire old and torn American flags.
Guide To Properly Displaying The American FlagThe federal government has released an online guide to displaying the American flag for the 4th of July holiday.
Governor's Office: 'Parameters Had To Be Set' For Flying Flag At Half-StaffSome have questioned whether the country has lowered the bar on the lowering of the flag.
American Flag Stolen From Army Mom's Front YardA Colorado Springs woman calls it unforgivable after someone stole an American flag from her front yard. The flag was a celebration of her son who is serving in the U.S. Army.
HOA Fines Resident For Flying His ‘American’ FlagOn this Flag Day there is controversy in a neighborhood in Littleton. A man says he's in a battle with his homeowners association to fly what he calls his American flag.
Hemp Flag To Fly Over U.S. Capitol On July 4An American flag made of industrial hemp will fly over the U.S. Capitol on Independence Day.
9/11 Flag Repaired Across All 50 StatesA flag that was all but destroyed at Ground Zero during the 9/11 attack was on display at the Illinois veteran's hospital shorten after news of the terror leader's death was announced.
National Treasure To Appear At Fallen Officer's FuneralHundreds of people are expected to attend Tuesday funeral services for the Limon police officer killed in the line of duty.