Denver Sucks Up Green Slime In Effort To Clean Up Lake At City ParkCrews with pitchforks full of putrid green slime pushed the growing piles away from the banks of Ferril Lake at Denver's City Park on Wednesday.
City Park Pond Turns Green With AlgaeThe pond in City Park has turned green with algae but city officials say it's not dangerous.
Aspen Rancher Feeding Cows Algae To Help NutritionAn Aspen rancher says he’s found the secret ingredient to help people get the nutrition they need.
Colorado Scientists, Entrepreneur Seek Crowd FundsAn entrepreneur with a fishy idea for making beef healthier is turning to the wallets of crowds to fund research at Colorado State University.
Water In Loveland Stinks, But Still Safe To DrinkIt may taste and smell strange but the water in Loveland is safe to drink.
Pond Scum May Be Next Renewable Energy SourceSome day your car might be running on pond scum. Algae is poised to be the next renewable energy source.
Algae Blooms In Arvada Reservoir, Affects Water TasteColorado's record heat this summer is causing the drinking water for some people to taste and smell bad.