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Alex Sullivan

James Holmes (credit: Claire Sampankanpanich)

Police: Suspect Planned Massacre For Months

Details emerging on the Colorado massacre suspect show a budding scientist, brimming with potential, who pursued a graduate program even as he assembled weaponry he would allegedly use in the deadly midnight rampage inside an Aurora movie theater.


Jessica Ghawi (credit: CBS)

Details Emerge About Victims In Theater Rampage

A sports blogger who recently wrote about surviving a shooting in Canada. A man preparing to celebrate his first wedding anniversary. A young woman whose death announcement brought heartbreak, yet closure, to her family.


A crew working to deactivate booby traps in James Holmes' apartment (credit: CBS)

Bomb Squads Disarm Traps At Suspect’s Apartment

The shooting suspect planned the rampage that killed 12 and injured dozens of others at a suburban movie theater with “calculation and deliberation,” police said.


An image from a video posted on YouTube shows a person at the scene of the shooting with a bloody shirt. (credit: YouTube)

Suspect Bought 4 Guns Used In Mass Shooting In Last 60 Days

The man suspected of opening fire in an Aurora movie theater just after midnight, killing 12 and leaving 59 others injured, bought all four of his guns legally in the past two months.