2014 Political Year in Review: Hype Giving Way to NormalcyThe political stories of 2014 in Colorado were filled with hype but somehow we almost always found our way back to normal.
October: When The Games Really Get FunEven though the election campaign has been going on for months, everything comes down to the month of October and how unaffiliated voters feel right now. Let the games begin!
Fight For The State Senate Hits The AirwavesWe're used to seeing the big races and ballot issues fight it out over the TV airwaves, but now the fight for the Colorado State Senate joins the crowded commercial breaks.
Polling: What To Believe & What To IgnoreThe wide range of polling results this week have caused some confusion, but all point to how tight the races in Colorado really are.
Can Third Party Candidates Tap into Voter Anger?While the alternate party and independent candidates running in Colorado may not win the races they are running, they can make a difference in a state that is handcrafted for a different voice.
Citizens Group Hopes Its GMO Research Will Aid VotersA citizens group has pored over documents, statistics and facts related to November's GMO-labeling ballot issue to help inform voters about the measure.
Club 20 Debates Feature Incumbents Going On OffenseThe Club 20 debates kicked off the debate season for 2014 season, but will we have the opportunity to see Mark Udall and Cory Gardner actually debate on TV this fall?
Suthers’ Next Plan Shortens The GOP BenchJohn Suthers' decision to run for mayor of Colorado Springs next year will make a impact on the future of the Colorado Republican party.
How Will Colorado Voters React To A 'New Kind of Republican'?Cory Gardner is kicking off the post Labor Day election campaign by becoming a "new kind of Republican", the question is, how will Colorado voters react?
Murder Victim's Father Calls Hickenlooper A CowardThe father of a murder victim says Gov. John Hickenlooper is a coward because the governor said it's possible he could grant clemency to mass murderer Nathan Dunlap.
Battle Over Flood Aid Roils Colorado Senate Race One year after record-setting floods devastated Colorado, the disaster has taken center stage in the state's contentious U.S. Senate race.
Anti-Gardner Abortion Ad With Young Girl Crosses Line, His Supporters SayA political ad attacking Cory Gardner's pro-life position has riled Colorado Republicans because it includes a young girl.