The Toughest Job for Tuesday’s WinnerMany difficult tasks face the winner of Tuesday's Presidential election. But the most difficult job he will face, and one of the most important, was never considered in any political ad or televised debate.
Are the Tight Polls Just Pre-Fight Hype?The polls across the nation show that the race is tightening. Officials may be counting votes late into the night. Or are all of the tight polls just "pre-fight" hype?
Unexpected Sandy Aftermath: BipartisanshipOne of the most surprising byproducts of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy may be the productive bipartisanship in the midst of the storm that is the 2012 election.
Election Creating Anti-Social MediaThe 2012 election has been a bitter fight on television, but it's playing out in far harsher tones on a smaller screen near you, your social media account.
The Presidential Decathlon Continues The second Presidential debate helped to prove that this campaign won't be decided by one performance or event. It won't be a sprint, it'll be a decathlon.