• 2018 Air Force Academy Graduation
  1. Echa says:

    “The bi-artisan Iraq Study Group recommended the Bush aistnimiratdon open a dialogue w/ Syria.”The key here is “recommended”. President Bush chose not too.He is the President of the United States.Pelosi’s actions are the same as Jane Fonda’s during Viet Nam.Pelosi undermined the wishes of our President and endangered troops by sending the wrong message to our enemy. Fonda strapped her thighs around guns that were killing our servicemen daily and laughed.Both women are self-serving and did nothing to shorten the wars.If the year was 1944, Pelosi would be on trial for treason.Pelosi is a self-serving nutcase.

  2. craziest says:

    Well pussolsi had a few tgnhis against her.1. California2. entirely brain dead3. Hormones having a rodeoHow in the hell did this country get into the shape of having someone like her and bama running this country?We need a mass clean out before it destroys us all.

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