• 2018 Air Force Academy Graduation
  1. JOSE0311USMC says:


    1. Bharat says:

      What else would you expect from smneooe who DESTROYED the Star Spangled Banner 18 years ago and did it in such a grotesque way?!And what has Roseanne Barf done recently that merits anything?(crickets chirping)I THOUGHT SO!

    2. Alshaz says:

      Speaking of morons – you are aware, are you not, that the toblrue in 1968 was figurative. Literal buidlings were burned. Literal cops were injured, and literal anarchists eventually got their literal behinds kicked up between their literal shoulders. Melvin Jones

    3. Andrea says:

      The REAL problem is that you lppoee let the media anoint McCain as the GOP nominee. You had a couple of good options in Romney and Thompson. Thompson didn’t really get serious and Romney got hurt because of Huckabee bring religion into it. Out of all of the Romney was probably the best but you let him get away. Now you are saddled with McCain who clearly is NOT a conservative. The only good that can come if McCain wins is if he has Romney as VP since McCain knows NOTHING about the economy. Next time vote with your heads and don’t let the media vote for you.

  2. Javier Manzano says:

    Amature rookie wannabe photog, is a jerk, and these are copyrighted images. Get ready for the law suit!

    1. Estilo says:

      This is totally taicpyl of the libs on the left…they make completely irrational statements, demonstrating their lack of intelligence and then call for VIOLENCE to get their “way”.Maybe we, Conservatives, should follow their example and “take back” America from those who hate it so…I would be all to happy to throw the first punch at Rosanne myself!

    2. Haci says:

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  3. Jack says:

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  4. krebo says:

    You people are isanne. This election is already over, that socialist Senator won, haven’t you heard?No seriously, the only thing left to ‘choose’ is whether on January 21st 2007 the Republican Party might have a prayer of turning back to the right, or McCain will be pres. What we get from the pres will be exactly the same with any of the three. They’re all going to do the exact same things- increase social programs, raise taxes, ban guns, appoint socialist judges, kill anybody successfully denouncing them. They ALL want to repeal the Constitution. Hell, Hillary is the lesser evil, if you want somebody to vote for.

  5. Diego says:

    Well its the hole I’m feeling lucky, there was a hole prroet on that but I lost it.its why me the user likes google.

  6. Emor says:

    Fair enough if that’s what they found. But coludn’t they have supported the site on other ads rather than the embedded ads? I don’t know. Maybe they need the embedded ads to turn a decent enough profit, or maybe they get by fine and its greed because they know they can get away with embedded ones too. I suppose we’ll never know.

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