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  1. Marina says:

    Trakkers product is just aweosme. I wish I could have one when I will race NYC this year so people could follow me while I am away. Do you know if there will be some for beta testers in New York city also by any chance?

  2. Youichi says:

    Finally got a run in today. Went out to Central Park and ran in a half marathon. I had no iotentinns of finishing since I am still hesitant to push it. Ended up runnning 8.50 miles at 9:40 pace. My stride is very akward since I am still not 100%. I am favoring my left leg since whatever is happening on the rightside of my back is shifting me left and all the my weight is coming down on the left leg. Also felt some pain in my right hip and shins. Normally I never feel anything in those 2 spots. Also boy am I rusty. I have not run at all in 2 weeks with only 1 day of cross training. I was advised by my Doc to take complete rest. I at least should have cross trained because now I feel like I lost alot of fitness. The legs were heavy, weak and got tired quick. It was very humid out maybe that factor in as well. The positive thing is I was able to run with no shooting pain going down my right thigh which was what was happening originally . Hopefully with one more week of treatment I’ll be able to run with John R. next week in Chicago

  3. Naushad says:

    As well it was good seeing Dean, Mike and Jason. Unfortunately I didn’t fair as well and DNF. I’ve been bantlitg right upper thigh/hip flexor pain since early July but nothing that kept me from running. Everything was fine until the Wed. evening the week of the race when it decided to inflame up. I couldn’t run without pain on Thurs. I iced it as much as I could the next couple days even right up until I got to the race site. Left the hotel and drove over with a bag of ice stuff under my compression shorts. I gave it a go but was feeling some pain right from the get go. I ran through it and it went away after about 2 hrs or so. Then I hit the wall after 12 miles. My pace got slower as the race progressed to the point where a slow shuffle was taking alot of effort. Needless to say I was cranky most of the run. After 7 hrs and 28.5 miles I decided to drop as I was not breaking pass the low. I also have 3 marathons Hamptons, Chicago and NYC coming up so I wanted to save myself for them. However I paid the price my right leg now is very painful and is a full blown injury. Sneezing, coughing and twisting it sends sharp pains down my thigh.Jason and Mike are incredible runners. It was great running with them and too see familar faces on the course. Mike put it in my head to run this race. When I last saw Dean here in NY I told him I was thinking of running the race he told now that I put it on record I had to run so thanks Dean and Mike for insipiring ! Also Dean thanks for visiting me with me I know you had flight to catch and hope I didn’t keep you !A friend of mine Karin who just had a baby 7 months ago ran as well and finished 11:18. I’m very proud of her.Hopefully I heal for next weeks marathon. Send a prayer my way !

  4. India says:

    too often for people (like you as a bwinee) who say, hey, let’s try a marathon :Couple of things. First, no. 14 is, well, illegal. If you can carry it at the start, you can use it. Otherwise you can only get aid from official aid stations. Of course no one will really care, but it is a race and how would you feel if you were running behind someone who was given stuff from the side? Bring enough gels for the trip (carry them from the start) and get water and Gatorade from the stops. If the race doesn’t have enough of them, consider another race. Cheering is good. Beyond that, no. Second, no. 16. Can’t agree with this one. Why? If you haven’t trained to run a marathon you shouldn’t be at the start. It’s serious stuff and the one thing to remember: respect the distance. Run enough shorter races so you’ll have a sense of how fast you can run the marathon and be disciplined enough to pace yourself accordingly. That’s the most important thing. Build up to it. Get a good training book so you can train for it. Other than that, these are all good considerations.

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