Wok Uptown

1789 Ogden St Denver, CO 80218 (303) 578-4964
Hours Mon-Fri 11am-9:30pm
Sat 4:30pm-9:30pm
Sun 11am-9:30pm
Open 7 Days
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Great Chinese Food and customer service

After repeatedly being unsatisfied with other Chinese eateries, Wok Uptown came into my life and quelched that hunger finally. The food arrived at my door hot and fresh 40 minutes after I had placed the call. My Mongolian Beef was cooked just perfect, the beef was nicely seasoned and tender. The crab cheese wontons was just incredible with their house made sweet and sour sauce. Everybody, go to Wok Uptown!
July 10, 2007

Tasty Gourmet Chinese Food!

At Wok Uptown in Denver, you get a whole lotta food for your bucks. Around lunch, it's about 8 dollars for a big ole plate and I had to get a to go box. It was almost like 2 meals in 1. Dinner is around 10 dollars and you get a lot of food, too. I think it was a great value even if it's a couple of dollars more than your regular Chinese restaurant. The high quality and well prepared food was more than worth it. The Shrimp lo mein and Sesame Tofu was just awesome! Now I know why they have such a strong devoted customer base.
June 25, 2007

Some of the best Chinese food around Denver

When I first heard about Wok Uptown from my neighbors, I got really excited. They told me it was some of the best Chinese food that they've ever had so I had to check it out myself. \r \r The lettuce wrap was exquisite! Minced chicken breast , green onions, water chestnuts and pine nuts over crispy rice noodles. It is a great choice for a healthy and light meal. Way better than P.F. Changs!\r \r Next, I had the BBQ ribs. It was delicious, meat was tender and marinated just perfectly. \r \r Then, I moved on to their Cantonese Pan-fry Noodles. It is a combo of sliced flank steak, chicken breast and shrimp sauteed with fresh vegetables served over crispy egg noodles. Tasty! It was just like the way they make it in New York. \r \r If you are looking for a great Chinese place to eat at, Wok Uptown is the place.
June 15, 2007

Excellent Chinese Food!

I am so happy that Wok Uptown delivers delicious Chinese food right to my door. I've been searching for a good Chinese restaurant around the downtown area for a while. They are always courteous and arrive around 45 minutes with fresh hot food. I love their Mongolian Beef. Overall, I think they have the best Chinese in Denver!
April 22, 2007

Great quality food, delivery service

I was amazed at how good this place is. When I walked in, it was clean and nicely decorated. The Chinese girl behing the counter was nice and a great at helping me choose an entree. I don't like carrots and was happy to find out that they can customize any order. They made my Shrimp Phad Thai extra spicy for me, which I love. They also offer delivery, which is great since I live in downtown Denver. Very convenient.
April 19, 2007

Delicious Chicken Lettuce Wraps with pine nuts

I am a lettuce wrap expert and Wok Uptown has the best tasting Chicken Lettuce Wraps with pine nuts stir fried in it. You get 5 wraps out of each order and I think it makes a nice appetizer or a light meal. It is better than P.F. Changs!
April 19, 2007

Best Hot and Sour Soup in Denver

Wok Uptown has really great Chinese food and the best tasting hot and sour soup in Denver. I first fell in love with it about a year again when I had a cold. The chili spice and savory tangy flavor just made me feel so much better. It has egg, bamboo shoot and 2 kinds of mushroom in it. It's a good way to start the meal off with. I would recommend the Sacha Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Singapore Street Noodles..all my favorites! I'm getting hungry just thinking about their food.
April 14, 2007

Tasty Curry Chicken, Great vegetarian and healthy menu options, delicious Chinese Chicken Salad

Been a favorite of my family's for over 4 years and still is. I was first introduced to Wok Uptown by a friend of mine that lives in downtown Denver. I just like the simple fact that they provide me with great service and tasty, high end food. The menu offers a lot of great classic Chinese dishes like Sweet and Sour Chicken or more nouveau cuisine like Sacha Chicken ( a spicy Asian dish stir fried with sliced chicken breast, garlic, ginger, red chili and assorted vegetables like zucchini, baby corn, bell peppers and broccoli. I have never been dissappointed by their chefs. I think I like them so much because they are consistent and uses high quality fresh ingredients. It is worth every penny for their generous portions.
April 10, 2007

Best Sesame Chicken and Drunken Noodles

The people at Wok Uptown are friendly and knowledgable about their food. I was happy with my experience because their dishes are made to order with fresh, top notch ingredients and delicious,too. \r \r Right across the street from The Children's Hospital on 18th and Ogden, Wok Uptown was easy to locate. I was craving good Chinese food like Sesame Chicken and crab cheese wontons. Yum.\r \r I was surprised to see that Wok Uptown also offered great noodle dishes like Phad Thai, Drunken Noodles and Chinese Chow Hor Fun ( a tasty classic of broad rice noodles stir fried with shrimp, chicken or beef.) \r \r When I called for a take-out order they were fast and treated me with great courtesy. I was pleased to hear that my order would be ready in less than 15 minutes, which is great for a busy individual like me. Parking was scarce but they do have their own parking lot, another plus.\r \r Walking through the door, I was greeted with a friendly smile. The decor is modern and hip with an Asian flair that consisted of intricate bamboo plants, beautiful Chinese wall scrolls and even a water fountain. Soothing. The dining room only seats about 20, it had a great restaurant atmosphere. As I sip on a steaming cup of Jasmine green tea I can also hear and see all the chefs in the kitchen busily cooking with their woks which means it is a bustling popular eatery. \r \r When we opened the bag, the food was piping hot and smelled so delicious. I was starving and dug right into the Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings, which was so damn good! MInced chicken breast seasoned with fresh ginger and nappa cabbage, served with Sweet Chili and Garlic Soy Dipping Sauce. My friend, a vegetarian, had the Rainbow Asparagus, Garlic Tofu with brown rice. I was excited to know that they offer healthy low fat and high protein dishes like Chicken with Vegetables, Chinese Chicken Salad (yummy) and tofu dishes.\r \r Overall, we were very happy with our experience and would definitly go back. Again and again.
April 10, 2007
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