‘Luzia’ Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico

Cirque du Soleil’s “Luzia” is a waking dream which transports the audience to an imaginary Mexico. “Luzia” runs from June 1 to July 9 under the Big Top in the Pepsi Center parking lot. For tickets and more information go to cirquedusoleil.com. 

DENVER (CBS4) – When Cirque du Soleil sets out to create a new show, they start with a theme, a place, a vision. With Cirque’s latest show, “Luzia”, it was a vision of Mexico forged in an emotional reaction to the country itself.

cirque Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico “Luzia” (credit Cirque du Soleil)

“This show is a journey. We take our guests into Mexico, but not a traditional Mexico, not the beaches that they’re used to, not the stereotypes that they’re used to. It’s a dream world, it’s another vision,” said Heather Reilly, company manager of “Luzia”.

cirque 4 Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico “Luzia” (credit Cirque du Soleil)

The music, the colors, the countryside of Mexico, all come alive in “Luzia”. But what you’re not going to find in this show is what you may have come to expect about the culture of the country.

cirque 3 Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico “Luzia” (credit Cirque du Soleil)

“We just want people to come along and enjoy that. It’s not going to be a stereotype. It’s going to be something that’s new, a new vision. So we start in a field of flowers. There’s 5,000 flowers that are going to be on stage. We go from there to a cantina, then we go to the desert, and then we continue on this journey and it allows people to escape,” Reilly explained.

cirque 6 Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico “Luzia” (credit Cirque du Soleil)

The framework for this production of Cirque is filled with imagination and imagery that perfectly fits the acts within.

Cirque du Soleil is meant to amaze and with every show it steps up it’s thrill factor both onstage and backstage. Those backstage thrills are delivered by the technical crew run by Mikey Newnum of Westminster, Colorado.

cirque water 3 Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico Mikey Newnum with Cirque Du Soleil (credit CBS)

“There’s 26 people on the technical team, so it’s anywhere from wardrobe, lighting, automation, rigging, sound, props, carpentry,” Newnum told CBS4.

The technical crew deals with costumes, props and moving large acrobatic apparatus on and off stage, plus dealing with the fickle nature of the new water feature.

cirque water 2 Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico (credit Cirque du Soleil)

“It’s a good challenge, I won’t lie. We’re learning a lot each city. Each city we go to we take the experience we learned from the last city and we kind of continue on,” Newnum explained.

It is a challenge. Newnum and his crew have to control pressure, temperature, and filtration, and all from controls on a large milk tank behind the big top. But even with all the high tech checks, the water always wins.

“Underneath the stage, during the show, right like six feet from our singer, she’s sitting in her chair, singing into her microphone and there’s four or five technicians running around with head lights, trying to be quite so they wouldn’t bother her, but at the same time, trying to fix this leak that was shooting up and drenching everything under the stage,” Newnum recalled.

Despite those challenges, the water feature offers a new and arresting visual to “Luzia” especially when images begin to appear in the water curtain.

cirque water 1 Luzia Dreams Up New Vision Of Mexico (credit Cirque du Soleil)

“One of the things that’s pretty cool. What we’re able to do is use a computer and literally print out images, so every time the water comes out in those shapes and sizes… it always brings some ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’, which we weren’t necessarily sure was going to work. But it’s a pretty big hit every time it happens,” Newnum said.


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