Latest Forecast: Another Warm Day, More Mountain Rain

October 21, 2014 8:04 AM

Reporting Ed Greene

Written by Forecaster Lauren Whitney

DENVER (CBS4)- Another warm, fall day for the Front Range and plains! We’ll top in the upper 70s once again, but we do see the chance for rain later today. We start the day off sunny, but clouds will increase through the day as more rain rolls into the mountains and foothills. The Front Range may not see any rain until after 8:00 pm. Showers will stick around through early tomorrow morning. This system doesn’t last long and most areas clear out by the morning.

Thanks to the cold front with this rain, we’ll be much cooler tomorrow. Highs only in the upper 60s, which is still well above our 63 degree average. We won’t stay cooler for long, we’re right back to the upper 70s on Thursday. This means pretty perfect weather for Thursday Night Football at Mile High Stadium. Clear and mild for the Broncos vs. Chargers game. We stay warm and sunny with highs well above normal through the weekend.

5day Latest Forecast: Another Warm Day, More Mountain Rain


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