DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Zoo has welcomed another new baby.

“Meet ‘Drizzle,’ our 4-day-old male Cape buffalo born to mom Rain, and dad Zeus,” the zoo posted to Facebook Wednesday.

Drizzle joins not just Mom and Dad, but also his 13-month-old sister, Puddle, and his 7-month-old half-sister, Tamale, who’s the only odd one out when it comes to weather-themed names.

“Keepers allowed the whole herd to be together during the [Saturday morning] birth, rather than separating Rain out for parturition, and everything went well for that process,” the zoo said in a statement.

Cape buffaloes, also known as an African buffalo, are native across much of the African continent.

Fully grown males can reach up to 2,200 pounds in size at body length of over 11 feet.

Since he’s keeping close to his mom, the zoo doesn’t yet have weight and measurement information to offer on Drizzle.

Guests can already see Drizzle with the herd and keepers.


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