By Andrea Flores

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Wildlife officials in Larimer and Boulder counties say they’re getting up to 10 calls a day about bears breaking into homes and cars.

Homeowners say they’re looking for food and leaving behind clues that have them concerned.

“They’re more crafty than we give them credit for,” said Andrew Michler.

bear incident 1 Bears Break Ins On The Rise On Colorados Foothills

(credit: CBS)

Michler’s truck was broken into Tuesday at his home in the foothills just outside Loveland.

“I saw this glass on the ground,” Michler said. “(The bear) he yanked the side window out and grabbed whatever he could inside.”

Michler found shattered glass, a broken vacuum cleaner and scratches on the side of his truck.

bear incident 2 Bears Break Ins On The Rise On Colorados Foothills

Andrew Michler (credit: CBS)

“We’ve had bears before who were able to open the door, and even open a door from the inside going out, and go right through,” Michler said. “Just last week ago, a neighbor had an air conditioner pulled out, and then a window pulled out of their house, and a bear got in that way.”

Michler says bear sightings in the area aren’t uncommon.

“(The bear) ate about 40 pounds of dog food, and then took a lot of stuff from the kitchen and unwrapped every individual piece of food,” Michler said.

Despite living in a remote area, Michler says everyone can take something away from his encounter.

“The idea, of course, is similar to living in the city. Don’t leave valuables sitting around,” Michler said. “So for (bears) just a bunch of snacks. We’re guests with snacks for them.”

Andrea Flores is a reporter for CBS4. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @AndreaFloresTV.


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