DENVER (CBS4) – Denver drivers are some of the worst, according to a new ranking.

QuoteWizard compiled incident stats, with over two million data points from last year, from the 75 most populous metro areas in the country.

The results place Denver as the ninth-worst place for drivers in the country.

interstate 25 Denver Drivers Ranked Among The Worst

Interstate 25 (credit: CBS)

This should come as no surprise, really, as QuoteWizard previously ranked the state of Colorado as the eighth-worst state for drivers.

According to how the rankings are organized, “being high on this list is not a good thing.”

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Translation: California has a lot of room for improvement, with half of the top ten spots going to them for the worst drivers in the country.

Sacramento, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield all rank in the top ten. The additional four, other than Denver, include Salt Lake City, Richmond, Columbus, and Omaha.

quote wizard driver rankings1 Denver Drivers Ranked Among The Worst


The best drivers in the country? They’re in Detroit, Michigan.

Rounding out the top ten – or bottom ten, based on how the rankings are sorted – are Providence, Orlando, Miami, Little Rock, Allentown, Baton Rouge, Las Vegas, Tulsa, and Birmingham.

quote wizard driver rankings2 Denver Drivers Ranked Among The Worst


Colorado Springs in the bottom half of the pack at 39th.

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