BUFFALO (CBS4) – Uber is there for when you’re in a bind. That includes when you’re an NFL cornerback headed to voluntary workouts.

Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright found himself out of options when he got stuck at Chicago’s O’Hare airport with no available flights to Buffalo. So he hailed an Uber.

26-year-old Hadi Abdollahian was just dropping off a fare when he got a notificiation about a new fare at the airport. He did not know, however, where Wright wanted to go.

Wright called Abdollahian on his way to the airport.

“He told me Buffalo and I thought he meant Buffalo [Wild Wings] grill,” Abdollahian told The Washington Post. “So I said, ‘Yeah, for sure.’”

Abdollahian put in the address, and quickly found out Wright was going to Buffalo, New York. After learning the destination, he never thought twice about going.

“I promised him on the phone,” Abdollahian said, “so I said, ‘let’s hit the road.’”

It took eight hours and one refill stop, but the pair arrived at the Bills practice facility in Orchard Park, N.Y. just before 7am on Monday.

The base fare for the ride was $632.08. The 29-year-old tipped Abdollahian $300 for the trip.

The pair became friends along the way. Abdollahaian considers himself a Bears fan, but will cheering for the Bills as well from now on.


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