(CBS4) – The NFL has announced that the league is lightening up on its tough stance against touchdown celebrations.

The NFL, which critics call the No Fun League, started penalizing “excessive celebration” in 1984. That’s when a group of Redskins called the “Fun Bunch” celebrated each score with their famous team high-five.

Now, the celebrations are coming back! So is your favorite TD dance returning?
IN: Using the football as a prop. Get ready to see players nap with the ball or give it CPR!
IN: Using the ground in your display. “Tebowing” and making snow angels are back in the end zone!
IN: Group dance.

NFL classics like the Falcons’ “Dirty Bird” and the Rams’ “Bob ‘N Weave” are back on the menu!

Will Victor Cruz’s salsa dance turn into a conga line?
OUT: Offensive and suggestive acts. Miming objects like weapons and lewd dancing are still banned. Sorry, no twerking Antonio Brown.


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