RIFLE, Colo. (CBS4)– The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is continuing with its controversial plan to improve mule deer populations by killing mountain lions and bears.

The animals living in the Piceance Basin near Rifle are part of the plan.

According to the Post Independent, wildlife officers are trapping animals and will then euthanize them.

The agency wants to see how removing predators impacts the mule deer population. The program runs through June.

Two out-of-state nonprofit groups have sued CPW to try to stop the program.

  1. Robert Chase says:

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife should be permitted to implement its study without interference, but the study should be carefully scrutinized for scientific validity. Certainly we should be concerned for the decline of mule deer and mitigate or avoid development that threatens the species; it seems unlikely that predation serves to explain most of it. If predation is determined to be a significant factor, issuing more permits to hunt mountain lions and bears might well help.

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