NEW YORK (CBS4) – April the giraffe continues to befuddle all who anxiously await a baby giraffe.

Earlier Sunday, the door to her stall was opened. April stood in the sunlight but did not venture outside. She refused to explore her yard despite being housed for for several days due to inclement weather and poor footing in the outdoor enclosure.

Perhaps this is indicative of a “nesting” giraffe?

Staff at the Animal Adventure Park say she is again showing physical signs of an impending birth. Another big ‘tell’ is her behavior.

“April also continues to be a bit out of character,” the park wrote in Facebook posts. “April continues to ignore her grain, zones in and out of awareness, exhibits soft contraction indications, and is even producing manure size and consistency hinting of a birth.”

Fortunately, she still likes to eat her leafy lettuce.


Stay tuned, everyone!

  1. Have you stopped following April? I’m not seeing anything on FB (feeds).

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