DENVER (CBS4) – There’s a handsome — beautiful (?) — new cat roaming around in the Denver Zoo.

213 Denver Zoo Announces Birth Of Fishing Cat

Miso-Chi (credit: Denver Zoo)

The zoo announced on Friday the birth of a fishing cat, a semi-aquatic animal that resembles a domesticated house cat but is about twice as big. Miso-Chi was born on Jan. 25 and can now be seen in the Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit.

It’s gender isn’t known yet, according to the zoo.


It’s the first time a fishing cat has been born at the zoo.

116 Denver Zoo Announces Birth Of Fishing Cat

(credit: Denver Zoo)

The zoo provided the following description of Miso-Chi:

“The cub was born to mother Namfon and father Ronaldo. Namfon was born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, in Washington D.C., in May 2012 and arrived from there in July 2013. Ronaldo was born at a private facility in Houston, Texas, that specializes in the propagation of rare and endangered species, in June 2013 and arrived at Denver Zoo from there in April 2014.”

Fishing cats can be found in several parts of southern Asia, although humans don’t often see them. They have a short tail that acts somewhat like a rudder when they swim, water resistant fur and webbed hind feet.


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