By Mark Haas

DENVER (CBS4)– There is no logical reason to boo Brock Osweiler when he returns to Denver on Monday night, but this is sports, we don’t always need to use logic.

“I think there are going to be lot of boos from fans but that’s what fans do,” says Bradley Roby. “That’s football, that’s what makes it fun, the good vs. evil battle.”

In Denver, Osweiler was a “good guy” last year, and the Broncos probably don’t win the Super Bowl if he didn’t help lead the team to a 5-2 record including wins over the Patriots and Bengals that secured home field advantage in the playoffs.

“I am sure he has fans who appreciated what he did for the Broncos while he was here and I know I alway appreciated what he did as a teammate when he was here,” said Virgil Green. “And I wish him the best.”

And what was “best” for Brock, was a bigger contract in Houston – four years, $72 million.

“You can turn into the villain so fast,” says Aqib Talib. “It’s a business decision, it’s a decision nine out of 10 guys would make so we respected it.”

It’s hard to really fault a guy for taking more money. But again, that doesn’t mean fans have to be rational about their current feelings towards Osweiler.

“He made a decision that was best for him, that’s cool, all the power to you, but you still have to play us,” says Shane Ray. “It is what it is, if that’s the best decision you have to make for you, cool, but you still have to come see us on Monday Night Football.”

“He’s on the opposing side and it’s never going to be good when you are on the opposing side at Mile High,” says Green. “But that’s part of football, I know when I travel I love being boo’d so maybe he will like it too.”

So I say go ahead. Let’s boo Brock on Monday for leaving the Broncos.

But if CBS Houston offers me $72 million, I think I’ll go cover the Texans next year.

Mark Haas is a sports anchor/reporter for CBS4. Read his bio or follow him on Twitter @markhaastv or on Facebook.

  1. Donna says:

    You are right – totally unrational – because while I totally appreciate his part in getting to the post season last year, I did not believe he was the QB of the long term. (Actually – he was 4-2) And rather than spending the next couple of years having that confirmed I am glad he is gone now. BUT…the way he left, how he snubbed the team in not going to the White House (at least had an excuse), and didn’t show up for the ring ceremony (no excuse), his over-inflated sense that he should have started over a healthy Manning, and more….I dislike him intensely now. I hope our defense welcomes him back with open arms, and a hand up from the ground many times over.

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