By Britt Moreno

DENVER (CBS4) – This year Halloween is creeping into the unconventional political season and costume shops are reaping the benefits.

Some Americans have been unsure about this political season, even calling it frightening at times, but one thing seems for certain: whether you consider the candidates scary or not, they have proven good for Halloween sales.

Spirit Halloween manager Litha Adams says the political candidates are one of three top selling costumes this year.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Britt Moreno interviews Lucky Johnston. (credit: CBS)

She says Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wigs and masks are flying off store shelves. The company has launched a campaign and dedicated a store section called “Make Halloween Great Again.”

In a trip to the section we saw past and would-be presidents, the famous Trump hair and Clinton smile plastered on a mask.

“It’s a great way to make fun of certain people that you won’t have access to in real life,” Lucky Johnston told CBS4’s Britt Moreno.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I think the Trump costumes go faster because they are another clown suit,” he said.

A new Harris Poll reveals 39 percent of Americans are choosing Trump costumes to be funny whereas 31 percent are dressing up as Clinton because they like her.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

CBS4 found shoppers who wanted to play it safe by sticking with the traditional cast of characters like Minnie Mouse, but grandmother Fanny Romgnoli came into the shop looking for a nun costume to surprise her grandkids. She then changed her mind saying she wanted to dress up as Hillary Clinton.

There are no shortage of political trinkets selling out this Halloween season. Spirit Halloween in Cherry Creek North says the hottest seller is political toilet paper with the nominee’s faces. Donald Trump toilet paper sold out in a week.

Britt Moreno anchors the CBS4 morning and noon newscasts and is the Wednesday’s Child reporter. She loves hearing from viewers. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter @brittmorenotv.


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