DENVER (AP) – Donald Trump is condemning the “tremendous problem with regulations” that he says are damaging the nation’s energy business.

The Republican presidential candidate held a roundtable Tuesday with around a dozen oil and gas industry leaders in Denver. At the event at the Denver Energy Center, he acknowledged that some regulations are needed for safety or environmental reasons.

Donald Trump (credit: CBS)

Donald Trump (credit: CBS)

But he warned that if his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, wins in November, she will “double the regulations and put you all out of business.”

He also repeated his promise to protect the nation’s mining industry.

Donald Trump (credit: CBS)

Donald Trump (credit: CBS)

Trump’s energy plan calls for a reliance on federal fuels and a vow to cut bureaucracy.

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  1. Essie says:

    Finally, someone willing to address the elephant in the room! Here hoping for balance!

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