By Danny Cox

The Denver Broncos were hoping for an undefeated season which would just make things easier when it came time for the seeding in the playoffs. They can still work their way into a first-round bye, but need some help if they’re going to get home-field advantage. What isn’t going to help is the fact that they’ll be playing without star cornerback Aqib Talib this week.

This past weekend, the Broncos lost to the Indianapolis Colts, and the actions of Talib also helped him lose a paycheck for this upcoming week. During the game against the Colts, tight end Dwayne Allen was arguing with Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller. The two players were facemask-to-facemask in a verbal confrontation and that was when Talib joined in. The cornerback walked over to the two and defended his teammate, but did it a bit too much.

Talib put two of his fingers into Allen’s facemask and poked him right in the eye. Some even claimed that was trying to purposely gouge at his eye, but Talib claims that it was unintentional. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to matter what the excuse was at the time as Talib was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after an official saw it happen. This meant that the Colts no longer had a third-and-7, but got a first down at the Broncos’ 13-yard-line and were able to run out the clock that had just 2:24 remaining. Indianapolis ended up winning 27-24 and dealing Denver its first loss of the season.

After the game, Merton Hanks, the NFL’s vice president of football operations, gave Talib a one-game suspension. Talib ended up appealing the suspension, but lost it and will have to miss out on the game against the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. It also means that Talib will have to do without his one week pay of $351,102.

Talib continuously tried to say that he didn’t intentionally poke Allen in the eye, and that it was just something that happened. Derrick Brooks, the NFL appeals officer, wasn’t convinced of that and did uphold the suspension for this week’s game against the Chiefs. The Denver Broncos will promote Bradley Roby to starting left corner and will have Kayvon Webster take over at the nickel.

So what that the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t having the greatest season right now, the Denver Broncos don’t want to lose another game. Being without their star cornerback, the Broncos’ defense will be weaker; especially with DeMarcus Ware, one of Denver’s best pass rushers, out for a couple of weeks due to a nagging back injury.

Danny Cox knows a little something about the NFL, whether it means letting you know what penalty will come from the flag just thrown on the field or quickly spouting off who the Chicago Bears drafted in the first round of the 1987 draft (Jim Harbaugh). He plans on bringing you the best news, previews, recaps, and anything else that may come along with the exciting world of the National Football League. Danny is a freelance writer covering all things NFL. His work can be found on


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