DENVER (CBS4)– A Tennessee family is moving to Colorado so their infant daughter can have access to medical marijuana.

Josie Mathes, 7-months-old, suffers from infantile seizures and her parents believe cannabis oil will help her.

They don’t want to leave Tennessee but medical marijuana is not legal in their state.

“To use the oil from the plant, not even to smoke the plant or pervert the plant, just to use the oil from the planet that God made, something is wrong with that?” said Josie’s father Logan.

“We want to see her crawl, we want to see her talk and at this point staying in Tennessee we can’t see that. That will never happen,” said Josie’s mother Stacie.

Currently Josie cannot hold up her head and her parents fear it could lead to long-term effects. The oil is a concentrated, liquefied form of cannabis without some of those ingredients that cause a high.


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