Dog Who Was Shot By Denver Police Officer During Confrontation Dies

DENVER (CBS4) – A teenager is on the loose after police stormed into his mother’s house and ended up shooting and killing a family dog.

The incident happened on Monday evening near 9th and Sheridan.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Police went to arrest a 16-year-old apparently because he missed a court appearance. That’s when a fight broke out between the officer and the teen.

Police say an officer shot the dog when the teen ordered the animal to attack. The dog died later after being taken to an animal care facility.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Toni Vigil, the teenager’s sister, told CBS4 the situation was frightening.

“I was scared because there were two little kids in there, so why wouldn’t I be scared? I have my godson in there. My nephew is not even 2 years old and someone’s going in my mom’s house shooting and then they’re shooting the dog. Why is it okay to shoot the dog five 5 times? That’s not okay.”

The suspect’s father told CBS4 the dog, named Roughhouser, was gentle and wouldn’t have charged the police officer.

Photos of Roughhouser (credit: Vigil Family)

Photos of Roughhouser (credit: Vigil Family)

The officer wasn’t badly hurt.

Vigil said the dog was a Rottweiler-Boxer.


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