DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver City Council on Monday night gave initial approval to a multi million dollar settlement for a former jail inmate.

The council approved the transfer of $3.25 million out of the city’s general contingency fund into a liability claims fund.

Jamal Hunter is currently in a civil suit with the city after he claims he was beaten and left scarred by other inmates while he was in the jail in 2011.

He also claims deputies encouraged the assault and then looked the other way. Hunter said he was also tased as he was held down in his cell.

Jamal Hunter (credit CBS)

Jamal Hunter (credit CBS)

Jamal Hunter (credit: CBS)

Jamal Hunter (credit: CBS)

The settlement will likely be the largest in the city’s history if it gets final approval. A final vote will take place next Monday.

The Denver City Council has remained virtually silent about the settlement, but Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz seemed to allude that once the final resolution is before the council next week she will have plenty to say.

Denver City Council (credit: CBS)

Denver City Council (credit: CBS)

“So the fact that there may not be comments coming doesn’t not mean there is unanimity in feeling on the council,” said Faatz, who was the only council member who voted against the settlement on Monday night.

Last week the district court judge overseeing Hunter’s civil suit upheld the settlement as long as the city signs off. Until it’s a done deal, Hunter’s attorneys say they will continue to prepare for a trial that’s scheduled to start in September.

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