DENVER (CBS4) – Severe storms that spawned several tornadoes blew through the Front Range Monday afternoon.

Copter4 was able to capture video of a tornado near Denver International Airport. YouReporter Jennifer Rodi shot some video of a tornado in Fort Lupton. And another twister hit near Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City.

The tornado in Commerce City (credit: Richard Fleming)

The tornado in Commerce City (credit: Richard Fleming)

Hail also came with the storms as some heavy hail was reported in Thornton.

There’s a strong monsoon moisture flow over Colorado right now creating unstable air with a low-level rotation. That’s what produced the tornadoes. The pattern is expected to continue into Tuesday and maybe even Wednesday and Thursday.

The tornado that hit Commerce City on Monday actually touched down and damaged a car repair shop. A garage door was pulled off of a garage. It was reported that the tornado centered there and then sucked the door right off. It spun in the area a little while.

There was also significant damage inside the garage as light fixtures were blown off the ceiling.

A truck full of insulation was in the twister’s path, which spread the insulation and debris all around the area.

Witnesses said they saw the tornado turn overhead and said they had almost no warning.

“We were standing outside our shop looking up at the sky and watched the funnel start and then (saw) a bunch of dust come up from across the lot and we all ran inside,” a repair shop employee said. “It was pretty quick.”

The people that were there say they actually heard about the tornado in a tornado warning shortly after it passed through the area.

No injuries were reported.


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