EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4)– An Evergreen man was nearly washed away during a torrential downpour on Monday night after his driveway washed away right underneath him.

“Last night I came home to a torrential downpour and then the rain quit for five minutes or so. All of a sudden I heard a rushing of water coming down the mountainside and so I peeked out the door and the street was flooded, everything was overflowing,” said Evergreen resident Brad Haddix.

Storm damage in Evergreen (credit: CBS)

Storm damage in Evergreen (credit: CBS)

There was damage from the storm all along Brooke Drive. The storm closed one road and cut off some people’s access to their homes.

Haddix said he thought a log had washed into his path.

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“Basically with all the overflow of the water I had thought that I had run into a log. When I actually opened the door to get out of the truck, what happened was the driveway had collapsed and the culvert was washed out,” said Haddix. “What I thought was a log was actually me hitting the driveway in my truck. My front bumper hitting one side of the driveway and the back bumper hitting the other side of the driveway and with nothing underneath me.”

Haddix said he crawled onto the running boards until he got onto the pavement. He said the truck never stopped moving.

“Over about a half hour waiting for the fire department to come and the tow truck to come we just kept hearing the truck creak and crack and we knew that the ground was eroding and eventually it just gave way and it went nose down into the creek,” said Haddix.

Haddix was not hurt but there was a 10-foot gap in the pavement that kept some homeowners from reaching the road.

Jefferson County crews estimate it may be up to a week before all repairs are finished.


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