Don’t worry about the mercury — at least not as much as you may have been.

That’s the latest advice from the FDA which is now swimming away from advice dating back to 2004 — which was that pregnant women, nursing moms, and young children limit their intake of certain types of fish.

The problem turned out that many interpreted “limit” as “avoid like the plague” and fish intake sank like a stone.

The feds say these groups really need the Omega 3 fatty acids found in many types of fish, especially since research shows these fatty acids encourage brain growth and raise IQ.

So the new advice: three servings a week for pregnant and nursing women, and two servings for young kids.

The types deemed safest:

– Salmon
– Tilapia
– Shrimp
– Cod

Light canned tuna (not albacore — that’s still on the limit list for this group)

Fish sticks — that’s right — as long as it’s the low fat variety.

Now how about the ones you don’t want to hook onto your menu:

– Swordfish
– Shark
– King Mackerel

Key point here: Don’t rely on fish oil caps for your omega three fatty acids. Fish has other benefits not found in a pill.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the next shift in medical advice. We’re always casting in different directions.


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