BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Attorneys will present closing arguments Tuesday in the case of a former Boulder police officer accused of illegally killing an elk.

Sam Carter doesn’t dispute he shot and killed the elk on Jan. 1, 2013. Lawyers for both sides are asking jurors to consider his motives. The defense argues Carter euthanized an injured animal. Prosecutor say Carter wanted to kill the elk for a trophy.

One expert witness said the elk was injured before the shooting. Another said the elk was healthy and mobile the day of the killing. Two Boulder police officers testified that Carter, 37, said he wanted to find and kill the elk.

The jury could begin deliberating Tuesday. Carter faces four felony charges in addition to several misdemeanors and could go to prison if convicted.

Another police officer who helped Carter, Brent Curnow, pleaded guilty to one felony and four misdemeanor charges and was sentenced in September to one year of probation and two months of house arrest.

Sam Carter, left, and Brent Curnow, right (credit CBS)

Sam Carter, left, and Brent Curnow, right (credit CBS)

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