DENVER (CBS4)– Severe storms produced heavy rain and large hail that caught some drivers in the Denver metro area by surprise.

The large hail piled up as drivers tried to make their way through. Some got caught and Good Samaritans helped out by pushing those cars through the large piles of hail.

Some even used snow shovels to help clear hail so drivers could continue on their way.

William Polhemus clears hail with his snowblower in northeast Denver (credit: CBS)

William Polhemus clears hail with his snowblower in northeast Denver (credit: CBS)

William Polhemus returned from vacation in Hawaii just two days ago. He used a snowblower to clear his driveway and sidewalks of the hail that had piled up.

Before he did that, he said the tornado warning had him concerned.

PHOTO GALLERY: Severe Storms Wednesday, May 21

“Well I got an alert on my phone that there was a tornado warning in the area. I told my wife about the tornado warning and to get into the basement. Then I came out, took a few pictures and make sure I had pictures of the house to record its condition in advance and saw what looked like a possible funnel forming but never saw one. Then the wind picked up really bad and the hail was just constant and went on for some time and as you can see it piled up quite a bit,” said Polhemus.

There were no reports of any serious injuries but some homes did suffer hail damage.

The storms included severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. There were seven reported tornadoes and five confirmed tornadoes including one near Denver International Aiport and one near Watkins.


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