DENVER (CBS4)– A push to keep drugs away from children means harsher penalties for careless parents.

There are two bills being proposed at the state Capitol would put parents and their activities under the microscope.

Whether what’s happening inside the home is legal or illegal, if it’s a substance that would put a child at risk authorities would classify it as a drug-endangered children situation.

There are various situations that have long been considered drug-endangered children by police. This bill would put a legal definition on those circumstances.

With the legalization of marijuana some opponents don’t want to criminalize those who partake in the recreational use of pot.

Supporters of the bills said it’s extreme circumstances of children that the bill would aim to protect. They also believe that not all substances should be treated the same. That includes pot, alcohol, crack cocaine or even dangerous household items like bleach.

More than 40 people signed up to discuss the bills at the state Capitol on Wednesday. There are two similar bills making their way through the state Senate. Both are expected to draw a lot of debate.


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