Mom Outraged After Marine Corps Flag Stolen From Her Home

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AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A military mom is outraged after someone stole the Marine Corps flag she displayed by her front door.

Proud mother L.K. Hattenhauer says almost every man in her family has served in almost every branch of the military. At her home in Aurora, a red Marine Corps flag flew for years to honor her youngest son who served several tours overseas. Someone stole that flag over the weekend.

“I was totally outraged and just went crazy. I was totally flabbergasted that somebody would do that,” said Hattenhauer.

She’s already replaced the old flag with a new one and this time with a sign to go with it that reads “Leave my flag alone! The person it honors fought for your freedom!”

“That’s a freedom that a lot of people don’t have,” said Hattenhauer.

She says it’s not the monetary value that they really took, but rather the symbol that stands behind it.

Hattenhauer also said that equally shocking to her was that the flag and its large rotating pole were stolen from her home in the middle of the day.

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