DENVER (CBS4) – Authorities are searching for an arsonist that is targeting a Denver fire station.

Dispatchers got the call from Fire Station 14 around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. Firefighters couldn’t put out the blaze themselves because their fire truck was at another fire in the 1700 block of Spruce Street.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“As a fireman the first thing you want to do is be the first one in there,” said firefighter Andy Andolsek.

Andolsek is usually the one helping others.

“We were by ourselves without the rig and everything,” said Andolsek.

But he was the one calling for help when he came in for his shift at Fire Station 14.

“We noticed the backdoor was broken into and the glass was broken. Then we smelled smoke and saw smoke coming out of our tool shed in the back,” said Andolsek.

But the problem was that Andolsek couldn’t battle the blaze because he said the station’s only fire truck was at a shed fire a couple of blocks away.

“It is a little unnerving,” said Denver Fire Department spokesman Mark Watson.

Watson believes it wasn’t a coincidence — it was an arsonist.

“That’s one of the things investigators are looking at, if some fires have been deliberately set so they can get crews out of the fire station, so they can go ahead and try to make entry here,” said Watson.

It’s a pattern that started in February when firefighters were again out on a call.

“At that point and time they did get into the fire house,” Watson said. “Some personal items were stolen, some keys were stolen, and also one of the firefighter’s personal vehicles was stolen.”

Luckily this time nothing was taken, just broken glass and a scorched shed left behind. Now whenever Andolsek goes out on a call, he can’t help but be skeptical.

“It’s disappointing to know that we’re being targeted, but we know it doesn’t reflect the community as a whole,” said Andolsek.

Firefighters said their shed fire could have been a lot worse because there was a gas can and propane tank inside.

Denver Police don’t have any leads at this point, so anyone with information is asked to please contact them.


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