Teen Arrested In Connection With Liquor Store Murder In Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A teenager has been arrested in connection with Sunday night’s murder in a parking lot near East Smoky Hill Road and South Chambers Road in Aurora and police say there may be more people involved.

Friends and family of Ryan Thompson, 22, have brought candles and mementos to honor their loved one. They say Thompson was a college student on the Auraria Campus looking to move forward in his life.

Police say the suspect in the case, a 17-year old, turned himself in Tuesday morning by walking into the police station. His name and picture aren’t being released because he’s a juvenile.

Thompson was shot several times in a parking lot outside a liquor store. Police say there had been a dispute between Thompson and suspect that was ongoing.

A close friend of Thompson’s told CBS4 his group asked the suspect a question. The suspect seemed to get scared, pulled a gun and shot the Thompson. The suspect then left in a car.

Police are still working to determine how many other people may have been in the suspect’s car and who those people are.

Friends of the victim say Thompson was a good person trying to help defend a friend.

“He went to take care of his friend because that’s what he always does, and it scared the other guy and he shot him,” Thompson’s friend Avrie Marsden said. “It just breaks my heart that people can hurt people without a second thought.”

The suspect is under investigation for homicide. The Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office will receive the case in the next few days to determine if charges will be filed.

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