BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A member of the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team was arrested after an altercation involving police in Boulder.

The CU sports department said that Jeffery Hall, 19, is “suspended indefinitely” for what allegedly happened at a house party over the weekend.

According to Boulder police records, Hall was at a party along with nearly 100 other people when officers arrived for a noise complaint.

“It was pretty hectic. I saw a lot of officers,” said witness Daniel Stolberg.

A woman at the party told police Hall “choked her out,” causing her to nearly black out.

When Hall saw the woman talking to police he allegedly began yelling and reportedly “lunged” at her.

An image of the house where the incident happened (credit: CBS)

An image of the house where the incident happened (credit: CBS)

Officers said while they tried to keep the two apart Hall, called them “pigs” and said that police were “targeting black men.”

They also described Hall punching and swinging his arms until four officers and two taser gun shots were able to take him down.

One officer was injured when Hall apparently scratched him on his face. Hall suffered a small injury above his eye during the arrest.

Hall is now facing multiple charges including second degree assault, resisting arrest and second degree assault on a peace officer.

Residents of the home that hosted the party were cited for the initial noise complaints.

Jeffery Hall is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

Hall is a sophomore and played cornerback last season for the Buffs.


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