DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker is now a free agent after a career year.

Decker caught 87 passes and had 11 touchdowns. Now he’s free to sign with whichever team he pleases.

Decker made $1.5 million last season. That’s underpaid for his kind of production.

In an interview with the NFL Network he talked about what he needs to do, and he knows the NFL is all about business when it comes to new contracts.

“I would like to figure something out and stay here, but at the same time my priority is taking care of my family and making sure I set myself up the right way,” Decker said. “If we can get on the same page, understand one another, that would be awesome.”

IN CBS4’s EnerPlex sports poll 29 percent said it’s very critical to re-sign Decker and 41 percent said to spend the money elsewhere.

The NFL free agency kicks off on March 11.


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