DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver are investigating 30 break-ins in several neighborhoods since mid-December 2013. All happened in the middle of the day.

Those break-ins happened from Alameda to Evans and Broadway to Colorado over the past two months. The Washington Park and Cory-Merrill neighborhoods have been especially hard hit.

Police said they all have a similar pattern– one burglar bangs on the door and the other one breaks in while a third person drives the getaway car. Some of the burglars have weapons. All are happening in broad daylight.

Wash Park resident and burglary victim Skyler Crawford said he knew something was wrong when he returned from a quick trip to the gym.

“My back gate was open along with my back door and my garage door was wide open. My dog was in the house while it happened,” said Crawford.

It was 10:30 a.m. and the burglars took off with some of the former minor league pitcher’s most valuable belongings.

“My championship ring that I won when I was coming up through the minors. My digital camera, some baseball cards and a couple of speakers,” said Crawford.

Police believe the thieves are targeting homes when they think no one is there and when they can blend into the neighborhood.

In one case last month a woman was confronted in her bedroom by a man with a handgun. He took off with her purse.

“It’s concerning obviously but I think it’s cyclical. It might be part of living in an urban area. A lot of things are going on in this neighborhood so different people are around town that we haven’t seen before,” said Cory-Merrill resident Greg Meyers.

Police warn residents in every neighborhood to not let anyone inside your home that you don’t know but make sure they know you are inside.

Residents also said they have seen an increased police presence and neighbors are watching out for each other.

Some of the residents in Wash Park told CBS4 they are thinking about chipping in to buy security cameras for the alleys on their block to keep an extra eye on everyone coming and going.


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