FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – A social media frenzy has forced Fort Collins High School to rethink banning a spirit week day called “Merica Day.”

According to students the trouble started when the school’s student council asked to name next Monday “Merica Day” as part of spirit week and school leaders said no.

Many students felt like it was a misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion.

On Tuesday people protested the reasons why and debated whether, “Merica” itself is a politically correct thing to say.

“We decided that it was really rude of them, because “Merica” is a slang for a bad version of us. We wanted to show that we’re “America” not “Merica,” said student Patrick Case.

The controversy revolves around the term and not on if the school was trying to say they couldn’t celebrate their country.

“They were just trying to take a derogatory term and make it correct,” said student Daniel Banks.

In a statement made by the Poudre School District, school leaders first said naming the day “My Country Monday” would be more appropriate and allow international students to also showcase their pride.

But they then in another statement they renamed it “America Monday” after Tuesday’s protests and critics on social media called out the school for stamping down free speech.

One post on the high school’s Facebook page said the move was, “absolutely absurd. Shame on the administration for their ludicrous decision on Merica Monday.”

In another the poster said they were, “ashamed to have graduated from here. Where is our patriotism?”

Larimer County Sheriff Justin smith joined the protests on Tuesday.

“It doesn’t smell right to say it was because it was slang. That’s not an inclusive issue. If they wanted to address the slang issue they could have. So I’m doubtful of that version of events,” said Smith.

As of Tuesday evening, next Monday is being called “America Monday.”


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