NEW YORK (CBS4)– Law enforcement agencies are prepared for anything surrounding the Super Bowl on Sunday and events leading up to it. But they’re still asking for the public’s help.

Police are everywhere in New York and New Jersey as more football fans arrive in advance of Sunday’s big game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Those same attractions that will lure people for Super Bowl events might also appeal to anyone with ill intentions.

Times Square creates a unique security challenge. It is open to the public and people can come and go as they please.

Police have set up mobile command units and portable security cameras. Officers in uniform patrol every single block as canine units make their way through the high energy crowds.

“There’s always a police presence in Times Square but there’s a lot more out here today,” said visitor Michael Hynes.

Behind the scenes every possible problem has been played out in training exercises.

“We have run a number of table top exercises that take into account any kind of scenario that could unfold from a lone wolf type of situation up to and including nuclear radiation issues,” said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.

Even the public is considered an added line of defense, they’re being asked to keep their eyes and ears open and report it if it feels out of place or suspicious.

Law enforcement hope the next few days are free and clear of any issues.

On game day fans at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey will go through airport security screening, vehicles will be screened with thermal imaging and X-ray technology.

Because many fans will travel to the game via mass transit the TSA will monitor trains and buses.


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