LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Police have arrested two people who allegedly staked out day cares in order to break into parents’ cars.

Suspects Bianca Montel and Christopher Ureste are now in custody. Authorities said a hotel employee in Brighton recognized their mug shots on TV and called police.

The couple has allegedly broken into cars at day cares in Longmont, Loveland, Greeley, Broomfield and several other communities. Wallets, purses and other valuables were taken from the unlocked cars.

“Generally moms are rushing, they’re in a hurry and they’re not spending time collecting up their purse,” said Longmont Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur.

The Longmont Police Department said that six day cares have been targeted there.

At one day care the thieves opened a car with a child waiting inside while her sibling was being dropped off.

“It was a 9-year-old child and it scared the death out of that poor kid. She’s sitting in the car, a van and all of a sudden this guy is entering the car and stealing her mom’s purse right in front of her,” said Satur.

Once purses are stolen the thieves head straight for a nearby store then spend thousands of dollars with credit cards.

“Walmarts, gas stations, they went to a car wash after one of these, Walgreens, they’re buying gift cards with it,” said Satur.

Glenis Ortiz is a mother that said she can relate to rushing around in the morning but always locks her doors.

“In the morning when I’m rushing around everything is in here. Back in New Jersey, you just do not leave your car unlocked,” said Ortiz.

Police said that they have been able to recover some of the stolen property.


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