DENVER (CBS4) – A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed in 2012 by 102 current and former Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies claiming they were owed millions of dollars in salary and overtime payments that were promised but that they never received.

The deputies claimed they were not paid in accordance with the Jefferson County salary schedule for 2010, 2011 and 2012. They sued the Jefferson County commissioners and Sheriff Ted Mink saying their actual rate of pay was less than what was published by the sheriff’s department.

But CBS4 has learned that Senior Judge Wiley Daniel dismissed the case Jan. 13.

“I find that plaintiffs (deputies) have failed to state a plausible claim that defendants (Jefferson County) violated the FLSA’s overtime provision,” wrote Daniel.

Daniel said the deputies’ claims were “legally insufficient.”

Don Sisson, the attorney who represented the deputies in the case, told CBS4, “We are considering an appeal but no decision has been made.”

Additional Resources

Read The 11-Page Decision Dismissing The Lawsuit


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