DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned that a member of the Denver Police Protective Association’s Executive Board has resigned after questioning the way the union has been handling its members’ money and saying the Denver Police Protective Association is a “weakened” organization.

The Denver Police Protective Association is the de facto union that represents approximately 1,300 police officers. It is run by a seven member executive board. One of those board members, Duane ‘Mike’ Parton, abruptly resigned Jan. 7 after one year on the board.

In a three page resignation letter obtained by CBS4, Parton said he stepped down because he learned thousands of dollars in members dues were being spent without his knowledge.

“I cannot stay on a board that makes reckless and secretive decisions,” wrote Parton. “Call this payment of money whatever you want to, but I am greatly concerned about the secrecy surrounding it.”

Parton wrote that somehow $5,000 in PPA funds were given to a member without proper oversight.

“I never voted for that money to be spent, nor can I locate any Board vote listed in the minutes of the meetings I had not attended. I will not continue to serve on a board that disregards its own rules and ignores its membership in such a flagrant fashion … secrets will not make us into a strong organization … Using the member’s money is a tremendous responsibility which I took very seriously. I will not be part of a board that makes this type of secret decision involving the membership’s funds.”

CBS4 contacted the President of the PPA Executive Board, Nick Rogers, who declined to discuss Parton’s accusations.

“It’s not a big deal. To me its not a story,” said Rogers.

CBS4 left messages for Parton that were not immediately returned.

In his resignation letter, Parton urged a full investigation into the disbursement of union funds without a proper vote.

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