DENVER (CBS4) – Not only were the Denver Broncos players ecstatic about Sunday’s win over the New England Patriots, there were also a lot of happy family members celebrating in the Broncos’ locker room after the game.

Peyton Manning’s brothers Eli and Cooper along with his father Archie were all there to celebrate the big win that is sending the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

“Obviously we’re proud of Peyton, but I’m just like all the other parents of the Broncos. We’re proud of our child going to the Super Bowl,” Archie Manning said. “I don’t know who else besides Peyton and Wes (Welker) who has been there on this team … it’s special, it’s special for these guys.”

Archie said he always tells Peyton to “enjoy the journey.”

“One of my favorite things to tell him is, ‘enjoy the journey,’ and I tell him that all the time, ‘enjoy the journey,’ and it’s been a good journey,” he said. “You’ve always got some highs and lows and some hiccups, but it’s been a good journey.”

CBS4’s Vic Lombardi spoke with Peyton Manning’s older brother Cooper about how even-keeled and in a joking manner Peyton was in the week leading up to the championship game – more so than most.

“Yeah, he’s growing up finally, you know,” Cooper said jokingly. “He’s finally getting a little more mature. I’m proud of him for that. He’s been kind of an adolescent his whole life, but he’s growing up.”

Lombardi also spoke with head coach John Fox’s wife of 29 years, Robin, about the big win.

“I am so happy for him, it’s his year, it was great … six weeks ago I wasn’t sure we were going to be here,” Robin said, referring to John’s heart condition and surgery. “Here we are today, it’s exciting.”

Lombardi asked Robin how scared she was during her husband’s the medical ordeal.

“(I was) out of my mind, I didn’t think he was going to make it,” she replied.

The Broncos will face the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. on Feb. 2. Kickoff is at 4:30 p.m.


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